Privacy Statement

1- ARMO shall not sell, lease or give out to third parties for use,  the personal data (name, e-mail address, work or home address, telephone number etc.) presented by those visiting the Internet site via the forms on the website.

2-ARMO shall use this information for the following purposes:
To send printed publications/correspondences,
To send press bulletins or notifications via e-mail,

3- Only the authorized ARMO staff and our representatives who pledged to keep the information confidential can have access to the personal information. ARMO uses the statistical information (type of browser, geographical location, gender and etc.)  to improve its website and to gather more information about its consumers in general without disclosing the identities of the persons. This information shall not be disclosed whatsoever to third parties. However, due to legal obligations and/or demands by the official authorities, the information in the hereby Privacy Section may be shared with the authorities.

4- ARMO does not guarantee that the websites that you will visit via the links on its website, will abide by the principles of privacy of ARMO; so you must consider the privacy approach of the websites you visit before giving any personally identifiable information to them.



Consistent in performance or behavior. Producing same results over time and truly identifies true performance.


Relating to a form of corporate strategy focused on outcomes and achievements. Concentrating on meeting objectives, delivering to the required time, cost, and quality, and holds performance to be more important than procedures.


To be placed in control and having to be answerable capable of responding to any reasonable claim and rational conduct