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1- All kinds of contents;  voices, texts, images, emblems, pictures, figures, drawings, animation, music videos, and video recordings, software, program codes and being not limited to this, all types of documents and information, trade marks in this site and all kinds of intellectual property and other rights related with them belongs to ARMO. It is forbidden to use, quote, copy, lease, lend, alter (modify), store, load on another computer, post, distribute, transfer, repost on Internet, display, adapt, process, represent, keep for commercial purposes, sell all kinds of elements stated above and being not limited to them all elements found on the website, partially or fully, directly or indirectly, as same or as modified, or in another language or to encourage, promote or facilitate the actions stated above without the written approval of  ARMO.  However, with the condition that all rights announced/stated in this website are reserved, the users can download information from the system to their personal computers just for personal reasons without having a profit or commercial purpose. The webpages can only be printed for personal reasons, without having a profit and commercial purpose. Any image, article, information, document or other element found in this website shall not be sold, leased or distributed for profit purposes as a whole or partially in any form or condition. 

2- The links found in the website of ARMO can connect you to other websites. ARMO shall not have any responsibility as to the content, accuracy or functioning of these websites; ARMO shall not be responsible from any changes that could take place later in those websites whose links are given in its own website or any direct, indirect damages, costs, claims or penal clauses that arise/could arise from access to or use of these sites.

3-All the elements found in this website are presented for only informative purposes. ARMO shall not guarantee or pledge that any voice, image, information or documents found in this website comply with a certain purpose, are valid, lack information or are updated or not. Moreover, ARMO shall not be responsible from any damage that could take place in your assets and hardware or virus that infects/could infect computer due to access to or use of this website or downloading any voices, images, information or document from this website.

4- Unlimited usage right and all rights and authorities arising from intellectual property Law and other Law so forth, of all the information (including all kinds of comments, recommendations, opinions, graphic and etc.) you send to ARMO  via Internet shall be transferred to ARMO, without making any payment to you or any other person.  

5- ARMO shall not be responsible in case the minors (young people below the age of 18) present information to the ARMO website without getting permission from their parents or legal guardians.

6- The person/persons who act in contradiction with the principles stated regarding the usage rights hereby in this website shall be obliged to compensate all kinds of damages of ARMO caused/will be caused by them. 

7- The legislation of the Turkish Republic in effect will be implemented for the resolution of the conflicts which could arise from the implementation of the usage rights of the hereby website and in case of a conflict the only authority to resolve it shall be the Izmir Courts and enforcement Chambers.



Consistent in performance or behavior. Producing same results over time and truly identifies true performance.


Relating to a form of corporate strategy focused on outcomes and achievements. Concentrating on meeting objectives, delivering to the required time, cost, and quality, and holds performance to be more important than procedures.


To be placed in control and having to be answerable capable of responding to any reasonable claim and rational conduct